Secure your data, your recovery and your mission

Released: Sep 21, 2022 |
Length: 5 pages |
Language: English |
Resource: Whitepaper

The cyber threat landscape including ransomware has transitioned to a case of when, not if.

In order to ensure you can recover your data and not pay the ransom, you need to trust that your data protection vendor shares your level of vigilance.

The right solution requires the best technology, the right people and processes.

At Commvault, much like a CISO, we operate in a constant state of alertness. We are highly responsive to our customers with the products and services we deliver.

Commvault has earned a strong reputation as a dedicated and trusted partner; and has many customers who will testify to our responsiveness, innovation and rapid execution in the high pressure, high impact world of a ransomware attack.

Recovery readiness is a key strategic goal for Commvault.

Organization require tools to constantly measure their recovery readiness state so they can expose and remediate problems, validate the recoverability of their data and business applications through automated testing, and continually harden their environment to improve their security and reduce their risk profile.

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